The Department of Statistics abides Chiang Mai's resolution as follow: "Chiang Mai University (CMU) was established as the first institution of higher education in Northern Thailand, and as the first provincial university in our kingdom. Ever since its founding, CMU has been aiming at becoming a comprehensive institution of higher learning providing a broad range of academic programs. In the field of research, CMU has been launching innovative initiatives and development projects, the results of which are utilized to ever advancing standards of teaching, learning and technology transfer, all for the sake of social and economic development of the region and, naturally, the country as a whole."


        The Department of Statistics abides the philosophy of the Faculty of Science as follow : To teach and conduct research in order to generate new knowledge and understanding which can be passed on from generation to generation. As an integral part of an academic institution, the Faculty of Science is committed to researching existing knowledge and exploring areas of new knowledge that can be beneficial for the nation's sustainable development."


        The Department of Statistics aims to produce graduates and research with high moral and ethical standards to service society as needed.